How to choose ski

I don't know if there is such an experience: When we look at the websites of various skiing products, we find that there are various styles and price points that are often hesitant to buy and sell.
This page will focus on beginners to intermediate level skiers and explain how to choose the right ski double board.

Key points when choosing ski

Point 1 Skiing preferences

Choose for the shape of the double board and the sliding condition

In general, the most common skiing is the All Mountain skiing.

All Mountain Skiing

Suitable for ski slopes。 The center panel width is approximately 70~90mm,Pay attention to the operability of turning, a double board chosen by many skiers

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Field ski

Outside the ski resort (no snow), a snowy snow The center panel width is approximately 90~130mm,In order to slide during the process, the central width of the double plate is not designed to be wider.

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Free ski

Enjoy a high-altitude spin or a slide in the park The tip of the board and the slightly raised back of the board are the main features.

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Competitive ski

Competitive skis,Generally the central board is about 65~70mm,In order to make the rotation as fast as possible, the center plate width is very narrow.In order not to be edged, the torsion toughness of the snowboard is very high.


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Point 2 techinque level(=Sliding speed)And weight

Select the rigidity of the double plate for the speed of sliding and its own weight(Torsional toughness)

Seniors who skate faster

Large centrifugal force and double plate rigidityHigher ski

Beginners with slower taxiing speed

Low rotatory, even at low speedsEasy to operate ski

body weightHeavierSkier


body weightLighterSkier

short(Small buoyancy)

Often asked"I am 1.7 meters tall, how much should the ski length be chosen?"
But in fact, the choice of double board is still withWeight is also a very important factor
Your own weight will affect the straight and gliding of the double board.
For example,For a snowshoe with a weight of 200 pounds, he needs a certain rigid intermediate to advanced ski.
the length of the ski from the height,Such as a beginner, his own height reduction Go 10cm to 5cm
Further, if a double board having a wide board width is selected, it is not easy to sink and slide for easy operation.
It's important to choose the skateboard that suits you.

Point 3 ski length and its performance

reference ski length(All Mountain ski)

body weight65kg


body weight65kg


body weight50kg


body weight50kg


Snowy roads that often go if it snows often,Easy to sink on the new snow surface,So suggestPick a slightly longer ski

What is the performance of the ski?

The performance of the ski is divided into three types: the circumference and the radius.

■ski Three dimensions?
·The narrowest plate center(green)

General snow location Plural plate central shadow70-90mm
*Suitable for the center of the board New snow powder snow smooth run.

■Side curvature·Radius Fingering,(Image reference)?
Biconic radius of side plate.

Snow field Platear radius large About R:15m Before and after。
*R:○○mNumberIf it is small → Conformity small
*R:○○mNumberIf it is big → Conformity big