How to choose a ski pole

When choosing a ski pole, are you considering which one to choose and how long?
Which one to choose is a function of the performance and design of the pole.

Point 1 Key points when picking ski poles

The main point of choosing a pole is the length.
For example, adults are suitable for their long poles, which are 68-70% of their height.
If you have a pole, it is not necessarily a snow pole of this size, but please refer to the following instructions for basically no problem.
If you hesitate, please choose a long pole (can be cut short).

height Stock length
150cm 102-105cm
155cm 105-110cm
160cm 107-113cm
165cm 113-117cm
170cm 115-120cm
175cm 117-123cm
180cm 120-125cm

■A person with a high ski level

High horizontal snowmind responsibility retention high incline angle oblique angle deep rhythmic curvature,
So I will choose a shorter pole(If the pole is too long, it will hit the snow and it will not be smooth.)

■People whose ski level is not high

Amateur skiers should choose the larger value within the long range of the pole
It’s not that you have a problem with choosing a shorter stick.,
If you are skiing on a snow-covered ski resort, choosing a ski pole within the above range will help you turn around without having to be too deep.

Point 2 Key points when picking ski poles

In recent years, the carbon-made snow poles are sturdy and affordable, and are suitable for a wide range of amateur skiers.
It can be bought with a light weight of 5 to 8,000 yen.
The same carbon snow poles, but because of the difference in lightness and firmness, the price will fluctuate more or less.
Usually, the most expensive pole is about 25,000 yen, and if it is a race, it is about 35,000.
This is not because of the meagerness but the degree of solidity. The competitive style of the pole is more important than the light weight.

But if carbon fiber is used to enhance its strength, it is very expensive.
So far, the poles for competitions or synchronized skiing (high-altitude rotation) still use the strongest aluminum as the mainstream.
In the store, pick up the pole and look for it.
There will be a good grip and the price is quite affordable.

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How to choose a children's ski pole

(as the picture shows)Hold the pole vertically, the arm can bend,
And the angle between the arm and the wrist is80 degreesis ideal.

When choosing children's products, it is recommended tochoose 70 to 73% of their height.
This is because children have more junior skiers, less body tilt, and more skiing with ski poles.

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