A brand that combines reliable functionality cultivated over a long history with a minimalist, sophisticated and stylish design.



The outstanding stretch of the garment makes skiing even more fun.

Designed to maximize the range of motion of your skis by using 4-way stretch material.
Even the lining is made of stretch material to allow you to slide as you wish.
An all-round wear that can be worn by all ages and generations.
It is an excellent model that can also be used as team wear.



SOFT HEAT BALL: Warmth in all weather conditions!

Uses GOLDWIN's proprietary SOFT HEAT BALL.
Soft, dense and highly functional padding provides a high level of heat retention even on cold snowy days.



Particular about functionality and design.

In addition to the logo on the right sleeve, the design features sporty, bold switching and color blocking.



When in doubt, this is the outfit for you! This model is popular among young people for fresh skiing!

You can choose from three different color variations, and it goes great with simple pants!
You can wear it in a cool way.



Also recommend this one.
G30323AP/Baro 2-tone Color Pants




Living in the city and going to nature on weekends.
Have your own style and be particular about things.
In order for adults who have obtained freedom to enjoy a rich life, we have fused form, comfort, and convenience that pursue the rationality of the outdoors with a simple, unending design.
GOLDWIN offers a high quality lifestyle with value derived from the experience of walking with skiing.
The three elements of the GOLDWIN logo symbolize the trajectory and speed of skiing, the silhouette of nature and mountains, and a sense of dynamism and energy.