Japan Ski Jackets & Ski Pants Brands Ranking

Japan Ski Jackets & Ski Pants Brands Ranking

Japan Brand

Japan Ski Jackets & Ski Pants Brands Ranking
Japanese brands have always been very popular.
We summed up the Japna brands ranking by the quantities of orders on our oversea webshop and the response of the guests,although there's no big difference between other brands with materials, quality and etc.Especially since about a year ago,black,white and other simple solid colors become popular rather than bright colors.



I think that Descente is a balanced brand with excellent design and high quality.The model of ski jacket with many emblems is particularly popular.Most of this model is usually been reserved in Early Reservation event in June.After new arrival in December, they are all sold out before the ski season. A few years ago,Phenix was very popular,but because there are too many people in Phenix,so the guests looking for other deffierent brands.Now DESCENTE is the most popular.



I don't know if it's because many people feel that Goldwin's logo is a little outdated,Goldwin updated its logo last snow season.At first I was Not very accustomed by an unfamiliar logo,but with a stylish logo design, it has grown rapidly in popularity. Because of the Japanese quality, there is no problem at all. Since the rate of wearing is still low,it is likely that it will become even more popular in the future!



About 3 years ago,Phenix established an overwhelming position.Both quality and design are great, especially the Norway series is particularly popular. A few years ago the parent company became a Chinese company,then I think that popularity has begun to shift to DESCENTE. Norway series released about 2 years ago, pure white and black became so explosive in popularity that the intermediate size was sold out immediately.



There are few skiers wearing Mizuno brand in China,but it features the latest technologies such as a heat-generating BREATH THERMO and an electrically heated jacket. Compared with Descente and phenix, I think that the fashion sense of design and thestylish is relatively lacking



ONYONE is a manufacturer that frequently produces drastic designs from the past. There are many designs that stand out on the ski slopes, such as denim designs and whole-body floral designs. Of course, there are many normal simple designs. The quality and materials are top-class.



Japanese brand born about 3 years ago,which designed by former Phenix designer. Not only design, but also functionality are the same as Phenix quality. As a high cost-performance children's ski suit,its popularity has exploded.This ski season begins to add adult ski suits,which is a very noticeable brand.