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Japanese Grater | Pure Copper | Midium size | Made in Japan | Kishu Shinke Traditional Handmade

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Pure copper grater is a cooking utensil with a history of 300 years from the Edo period to the present. A traditional craftsman produces it carefully one by one.
The grater is a blade that stands upright with a single chisel to grate the ingredients. It is a traditional Japanese cooking utensil that makes a single dish in one process.
The biggest feature of Kishu Shinya grater is "flavor". Rather than grate it,it's more like cutting it, so you don't have to apply force to draw a circle like in the past.

The handle is unique and can be used by putting it on the palm of your hand,holding the handle,using it by placing it,or hooking it on a container.

It won the Good Design Award in Japan in 2018. Used by Michelin-starred chefs and head chefs of famous restaurants,it is professionally certified not only for its design but also for its quality.

Pure copper Japanese grater

How to Use
Grate radish,wasabi,ginger,etc.

7.87In(20.0) × 4.84In(12.3cm) × 1.29In(3.3cm)


Copper / Tin

Country of Origin
Made in Wakayama,Japan

Estimated Delivery Time
15-20 days after confirmation of payment

・A mirror-finished surface that is difficult for bacteria to adhere to due to manual polishing.
・As everything is done by hand,there may be some scratches,uneven tint,etc. due to polishing.225

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