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Japanese Candle Gift "Flower White" | Set of 5 Long Candles | Traditional Japanese Crafts | Made in Kyoto,Japan

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Japanese candle A warm orange flickering flame heals you from the bottom of your heart. Japanese candles, a traditional Japanese craft, are popular candles for lighting special occasions such as celebrations and as room interiors.

A set of Japanese candles with traditional Japanese flower motifs. It is a set of Japanese candles that is ideal for gifts and presents.

Japanese Candle Gift "Flower White" | Long Candle Set of 5

Set content


Size (length of one)
4.52in(11.5cm) × 0.59in(1.5cm)

Weight (weight of one)

Rice bran wax

Country of Origin
Made in Kyoto,Japan

Estimated Delivery Time
21 days after confirmation of payment

・Never leave a lit candle
・Do not forget to ventilate when using in a closed space.
・Do not touch the candle while it is burning or immediately after extinguishing, as it may cause burns.
・Do not place near flammable items
・All items are handmade, so the design may differ slightly from the photo.

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