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Uji Matcha Cappuccino | Powdered soft drinks | Green tea from Kyoto, Japan

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This matcha powder uses authentic Uji matcha grown in Uji City,Kyoto Prefecture,which is famous for matcha. Simply add hot or cold water to enjoy a delicious creamy matcha cappuccino at home.
If you want a creamier matcha cappuccino,use milk instead of hot or cold water.

Using traditional Japanese techniques handed down since 1836, we deliver high-quality tea with a focus on shape, aroma, color, and taste.

Powdered beverage

How to Prepare
Place 1 stick in a cup,add hot or cold water(approximately 4.73 fl oz(140ml)) and stir well.

Internal capacity
Quantity | 10 packets
Serving Size | .4oz(12g)(1 packet)

Granulated Sugar,Creaming Powder(Sugar,Dextrin,Powdered Skim Milk,Milk Sugar,Food oils and fats),matcha Powder,Pure Fructose,Dextrin,Sodium Caseinate

Country of Origin
Made in Uji, Kyoto, Japan

Estimated Delivery Time
15-20 days after confirmation of payment

・Be careful with the handling of hot water. Pleace consume as quickly as possible after opening a stick.
・Store in a cool and dry place and avoid high temperatures and humidity

Uji Matcha Powder

Uji Matcha Powder

Uji Matcha Powder

Uji Matcha Powder

Uji Matcha Powder

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