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Small Tatami Mats | Decoration stand | Ohta Tatami | Japanese traditional crafts | Made in Kyoto, Japan

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This mini tatami mat is ideal for displaying objects,figures,and dolls.
to ensure that the exhibited tatami mats can be enjoyed for a long time,we use washi paper with a resin coating that prevents discoloration from sunlight and repels water.
Traditional Japanese crafts are used for the edges of the tatami mats,and fusuma paper is used for the lining.

Ohta Tatami's small tatami mats are hand-sewn by skilled tatami craftsmen using rushes from Japan. In particular,we produce "Kyoto tatami mats" with beautiful traditional crests.

Small Tatami Mats | Decoration stand

5.9in(15cm) × 9.4in(24cm) × 0.8in(2cm)


Country of Origin
Made in Kyoto,Japan

Estimated Delivery Time
15-20 days after confirmation of payment

・Avoid exposure to direct sunlight as much as possible.
・For normal cleaning,wipe along the grain of the tatami with a tightly wrung cloth.

Tatami Decoration stand

Tatami Decoration stand

Tatami Decoration stand

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