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SMITH 4D MAG【With spare lens】【With Hard Case】

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Smith Smith ski goggles

■ 4D MAG
4D Mug

4D Mag & Trade; Let's change the riding style more violently than ever. Bird eye vision gains the visibility that you have never seen before, and the chroma pop lens that supports the world's best visibility ensures a clear and broad view. AIREVAC & Trade; features the ultimate integration with a helmet with a function that enables fog -free vision. The unique security structure equipped with a SMITH MAG lens change system can be securely and easily attached to the lens, so that the lens can be replaced instantly according to the changes in the weather and condition. Cloming pop lenses 2 pieces standard equipment. A GOGGLESOC lens protector is included because it is updated to an environment -consideration sustainable package.

・ Birdseye Vision (TM)
・ Chromapop (TM) Lens Technology
・ Smith Mag (TM)
・ Equipped with a magnet lens replacement system that can be replaced in an instant
・ Two lenses are included with all weather
・ 5 Double cloudy technology

■ Color
・ Black
Frame: Black
Lens: CP Photochromic Red Mirror (VLT: 20-40%)
EXTRA LENS: CP Storm Rose Flash (VLT: 50%)

・ Midnightnavy
Frame: Midnight Navy
Lens: CP Photochromic Rose Flash (VLT: 30-50%)
EXTRA LENS: CP Storm Blue Sensor Mirror (VLT: 55%)

frame: AC | sage cattabriga -Alosa
Lens: CP Photochromic Rose Flash (VLT: 30-50%)
EXTRA LENS: CP Storm Blue Sensor Mirror (VLT: 55%)

■ Hard case Included

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