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    All Items  > New Model・Allround Ski > 【New Allround】BLASTRACK > 〔HC〕BLASTRACK〔Ski〕<2019>ELIXIR + <19>ATTACK2 11 BK【●】
    〔HC〕BLASTRACK〔Ski〕<2019>ELIXIR + <19>ATTACK2 11 BK【●】

    〔HC〕BLASTRACK〔Ski〕<2019>ELIXIR + <19>ATTACK2 11 BK【●】

    Item Number:cd36541 *Gross Weight(G.W.) 9000gabout Shipping Cost
    Proper Price:114480JPY
    Price 97,800 JPY ≈ 876.55 USD



    ■ 157cm R :( 13.8 m) side cut: (125 / 80.5 / 110mm)
    ■ 165cm R :( 15.4 m) side cut: (125 / 80.5 / 110mm)
    ■ 171cm R :( 16.7 m) side cut: (125 / 80.5 / 110mm)
    ■ 177cm R :( 18.0 m) sidecut: (125 / 80.5 / 110mm)

    structure: shell top
    constituting material: lightweight wood core special FRP
    Running surface: sintered base graphite
    cross structure "ELIXIR" of seamless special stainless steel

    · Contact Control

    the current fiscal year a full model change: & ceramic disk finish
    edge. In
    condition of the slopes, sharp turns, grip, in addition to high response. With a flex that draw the stability and variety of turn arc at high speed, it is exactly what the birth of the slopes all-round skiing. By function and the tail of the round to match the bending in the turn of the ski
    inherited from the first generation "Contact-Control", it can now be more natural and smooth turn.
    while as long as possible the contact snow length of the edge, in the shape to reduce as much as possible resistance to the snow surface in turn, rough terrain from the snow-packed burn, is a ski Ikeru boarded firmly to powder.

    BLASTRACK〔ブラストラック スキー板〕ELIXIR〔エリキサー〕

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    A tracking number will be written on the email that you received. You can use the number to check the status of your shipment
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    ▼EMS Reference Shipping Cost------------------

    Area 1(Asia)
    SKI(Adult) 8,100JPN~
    SKI(Child) 6,300JPN~
    SKI WEAR SET 4,300JPN~
    SKI BOOTS 6,300JPN~
    SKI POLE 2,700JPN~
    SKI GLOVE 1,540JPN~
    Area 2(USA/Canada/Oceania)
    SKI(Adult) 11,200JPN~
    SKI(Child) 8,700JPN~
    SKI WEAR SET 6,600JPN~
    SKI BOOTS 8,700JPN~
    SKI POLE 2,540JPN~
    SKI GLOVE 2,180JPN~
    Area 3(Europe)
    SKI(Adult) 12,700JPN~
    SKI(Child) 9,800JPN~
    SKI WEAR SET 7,400JPN~
    SKI BOOTS 9,800JPN~
    SKI POLE 2,800JPN~
    SKI GLOVE 2,400JPN~
    Area 4(Africa)
    SKI(Adult) 21,400JPN~
    SKI(Child) 16,300JPN~
    SKI WEAR SET 11,800JPN~
    SKI BOOTS 16,300JPN~
    SKI POLE 3,420JPN~
    SKI GLOVE 2,740JPN~
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