• Chikumeido

    Bamboo whisk(Chikumeido)

    In 1987, we were certified as a traditional craftsman by the Minister of International Trade and Industry, and in 1999, we received the Minister of International Trade and Industry's Award.

  • Yanoen


    At Yanoen, one of our main themes is to respond to the needs of our customers by carrying out everything from the purchase of tea leaves to manufacturing and processing in-house.

  • kisyushinke


    A grater made of pure copper is a cooking utensil with a history of 300 years, and is a culture unique to Japan.

  • Nakamura Rosoku

    Candle(Nakamura Rosoku)

    Nakamura candle was founded in 1887. Since then, the company has been making Japanese and Kyoto candles for over 125 years.

  • Kamekonya


    We continue to make our products with the desire to pass on the quality of "dyed goods" to the next generation, always valuing the spirit of challenge.

  • Ohta tatamiten

    Tatami(Ohta Tatami)

    This is a historic tatami store that has been awarded the title of traditional craftsman by Kyoto.

  • Minoyaki

    Minoyaki(Mino Ware)

    It is a ceramic tableware designated as a traditional Japanese craft.