Notice Based on the Law Governing Specific Commercial Transactions

1.Company TANABE SPORTS Co.,Ltd(Including SOME LIKE.COM)

2.Sales Manager Masahiro Tanabe

3.Location  5-4, Matsuyamachisumiyoshi, Chuo-ku
Osaka-shi, Osaka, 540-0017, Japan
  Phone +81-6-6763-3919
  URL  https//

4. Order method
Please order through the form specified in this website.

5. Payment method of commodity expenses Can use the credit card, pay treasure. Please refer to "Payment and delivery methods" for each
payment method.

6. Payment term
(1) Credit Card: VISA, mastercard,JCB (one-time payment only)
After confirming the order, the settlement mail will be sent to the specified email address. Please click on the URL in the message
to perform credit card settlement
(2) Alipay and other online settlement services: the purchase of the use of the service information. Based on a contract with the
settlement service used.

7. Expenses other than merchandise costs
(1) For delivery charges, please confirm other records.
(2) on the tariff, the order of goods through the customs, there may be tariffs. If the tariff is borne by the buyer, the tariffs of
each country are different. For details, please consult the customs of the host country.

8. Cancel the order
Because it is international delivery of goods, so do not accept Returns. It may be possible to cancel the order before contacting us.
But once the goods are issued will not be able to cancel the order.

9. Goods distribution method
Please use our designated distribution company.

10. Delivery time
Within 5 business days of order delivery. The delivery of the goods is subject to the distribution arrangements of the selected
distribution company.

11. Return period
Because it is international delivery of goods, so do not accept Returns. The

12. Viewing Suggestions
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web browser. Some contents may not show correctly on other internet browsers.

13. About Cookies
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use. This helps us identify ways to improve your shopping experience. However, we do not have any way of
accessing personal information through these 'cookies'. You may disable cookies through the settings of your
web browser but it may limit your shopping experience through our website. For assistance modifying your
cookie settings on your broser, please contact the manufacturer of the browser software.

14. Secured Information Policy
Any and all information entered through our website is encrypted by industry standard protocol,SSL (Secure
Sockets Layer). We take necessary precautions to protect the security and privacy of the information stored
on our networks. We take these actions very seriously, and we do so to greatly reduce any chances of a
breach of personal information.

15. If you are using a public PC, mobile PDA,or Laptop, etc. (this includes anything else that gains access to the World
Wide Web) please be aware that there may be those that could find ways to access your information. For the best most
secure way to protect your information we reccomend using a web browser that isn't open to the general public.