How big should the Ski Jackets & Ski Pants be?

Size and usual clothes(Sportswear)Size can be
(If you want to wear a piece of clothing inside,you can choose the one size snowsuit top.

Skiing is a sport.If you choose a small one, the arm or leg will hinder the skiing action, thus affecting the skiing technique.
In addition, if you put on snowshoes, the height will be higher, but you don’t have to choose the big one’s snow pants or the small one.Take the heel as the standard.

How to choose the design and color of the Ski Jackets & Ski Pants?

★The color of the upper lens is★

Red, orange, yellow, etc.Warm color

★The color that looks low-key but does not lose its meaning is★

Blue, white, black, etc.Cool colors

★On cloudy days or when the weather is bad★

Fluorescent colorStrong color is very good

The style that is usually bright or exaggerated is not an exaggeration in the snow.So choose the ski suit you like.
Regardless of the trend, if you want to use it for a long time, it is recommended to choosea simple one

What are the types of Ski Jackets & Ski Pants?

■Racing ski suit

Because it also wears a GS with clothes, so it is looser.
The side of the snow pants is fully open so that it can be quickly worn off before the start of the game.
The fabrics used for good warmth are also first class,
The price is the most expensive in this Ski Jackets & Ski Pants.

■Ski suit for basic skiing(Mainstream)

It pays more attention to the sliding posture and shape in the sliding, so it is close to the design.
Prices are low and high, and the style and color are varied.
There are snow suits on the top and bottom, and you can also combine the ones that are suitable for starting skiing.
High-priced snow suits have superior performance.

■ Ski suit for snowboarding or wild snow

There has been a growing trend in recent years, and this snow suit pays attention to performance.
Lightweight design, high waterproof and moisture permeability.
But the warmth is inferior, so I add a coat to adjust the body temperature.
The gas permeability is higher than that of the previous "snow suit for skiing", so the body temperature is easy to adjust.
If you are snowing, wear a thin coat inside.

■ Down Ski Jackets & Ski Pants

The biggest feature of this model is that it is very warm.
Suitable for skiers with cold hands and feet in winter.
However, it is not convenient to adjust the body temperature, and it is not suitable for use when sliding in the spring.
Waterproof and waterproof performance is also very good,
The down jackets such as GOLDWIN, PHENIX and DESCENTE have good water-producing properties.

Characteristics of different Ski Jackets & Ski Pants brands

■ DESCENTE Ski Jackets & Ski Pants brand

It absorbs the sun or electric heat and has a high warmth. The bright colors are very on the mirror, and the body burden is less suitable for exercise.

DESCENTE Ski Jackets & Ski Pants Brand Page→

■phenix Ski Jackets & Ski Pants brand

The shape is beautiful, the style is rich and rich. You can combine your favorite one. Helping to wear a snowsuit, it is warmer.

Phenix Ski Jackets & Ski Pants brand page →

■MIZUNO Ski Jackets & Ski Pants brand

Uses a heating fabric that is soft and comfortable, with more cold tones.

MIZUNO Ski Jackets & Ski Pants Brand Page →

■ GOLDWIN Ski Jackets & Ski Pants brand

Lightweight and warm. It is easy to manage and regulate body temperature, and there is no such discomfort in wearing it.

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About the performance of Ski Jackets & Ski Pants    ■Water resistance and water resistance ■Moisture permeable

■Water resistance and water resistance

Prevent water from entering the snow suit.
If the waterproof and water resistance is low, it will be soaked when it rains slightly.
This not only gives you uncomfortable feelings but also takes away the body temperature and is not easy to ski.Generally, the water pressure resistance of the umbrella is 200 to 500 mm, which generally prevents the degree of rain in the living.
However, Ski Jackets & Ski Pants with a water pressure of 5,000 mm or more can prevent light rain and light snow.;If the water pressure is 10,000mm or more, you can enjoy skiing without fear or fear.

For example, the water pressure resistance is 20,000 mm, which is equivalent to putting 20,000 mm (20 ml) of water into a 1 cm cube, which can withstand such a degree of water pressure. (JIS specification)

■Moisture permeable

The role is to discharge the moisture in the snow suit in time.
Although the water resistance and water pressure are high, if the moisture permeability is low, the sweat from the exercise will not be out of the snow suit, and the snow suit will be soaked, which is not good for the body and skiing.
Once the humidity in the snow suit is large, it will not only bring discomfort but also take away your body temperature and heat consumption.
If the moisture permeability is low, sweating during skiing will not be able to get out, it will be very difficult, it is not good for the body and may no longer like skiing.Therefore, even if you are a beginner, there are people who have a certain level of water skiing. If you choose a ski suit, you must consider the moisture permeability.。