Ski Jackets & Ski Pants cleaning & maintenance

The ski suits that have just been purchased have strong water repellency, but over time, the sweat on the snow suits, sludge, dust or grease will make them inferior.

■ About the dirt on the ski suit

The dirt stuck on the ski suit is not easy to clean for a long time, so after the end of the snow season, clean and take care of the ski suit to meet the next snow season.

If the dirt is very serious, partial cleaning is possible.
If there is a taste, most skis are treated with a deodorizing mist.

■ Ski suit water low

If the water repellency is low, the original water pressure resistance will not be able to perform even if it is high. Please spray a waterproof spray to care for the ski suit.

If the surface of the ski suit is completely immersed in water and there is no water repellency, the outer surface of the garment will have moisture permeability. Please take care of it regularly.

Number and frequency of washing ski suits

The number and frequency of washing ski suits can be 2 to 3 in the snow season.
When washing, be optimistic about the signs inside the snow suit, and confirm which kind of cleaning method.

Also be optimistic about the precautions attached to the label on the clothes.
After cleaning and drying, dry in a well-ventilated shade and spray a waterproof spray

Ski suit storage after the end of the snow season

After the end of the snow season, it must be hung in a cool place and kept in a sealed box.

At the beginning of the snow season

Hang in a well ventilated area before use and spray a waterproof spray. The surface is slightly wet and then left for about half an hour.
The shoulders, back hips, sleeves, front thighs, knees, etc., which are often in contact with the snow surface, are the main objects.


Drying against the stove is a very dangerous behavior.
※Snow clothing made of synthetic fiber has a lower melting point and burns the surface.