It is a well-honed top brand that inspires all ski enthusiasts.

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A ski jacket with 4-way stretch material for mobility.

The classic and bold design of the 80's has been reconstructed based on the S.I.O.,
a minimalist pattern developed to improve skiing performance.
Can be worn by all ages.
Can be used as team wear.
Excellent all-round wear.



S.I.O Descente's pattern technology

The direct design, in which the fabric is applied to the body of a person in an active pose,
enabled the cutting to match the natural movement of the body.

By avoiding seams in areas of high friction, movement during activities is not restricted.
This is a unique Descente product designed to optimize skiing performance.






Carefully selected for their comfort and calm colors.
Can be used for a long time even by frequent skiers.





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Be everything that moves you.

Raising the spirits of people who love sports is what DESCENTE cares about most.

To give form to the inherent appeal of an item through design. Pursuing design with intention down to the smallest detail. Create functional beauty that has been sharpened.

DESCENTE's wear, born from a philosophy of manufacturing cultivated through top-level achievements and experience, will give you discoveries and surprises beyond your expectations.

It ignites the spirit of challenge in players to face new possibilities.

Because of the challenge, new discoveries and unseen sights await a little further into the future.The excitement of each and every one of us toward this goal is what will drive us in the new direction.

We will combine our imagination and technological capabilities to create value that is always one step ahead of the rest.

This is the mission and duty of the DESCENTE brand.


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