Men's Ski Wear Recommended Brand Feature
What kind of wear will you play with this winter? Introduction of how to choose!

Here we introduce the performance required of men's ski wear, how to choose jackets and pants, and recommended wear for each.
Let's spend the winter in our favorite clothes! In order to enjoy skiing, warm and functional ski wear is essential.
In order to enjoy skiing comfortably, you need to choose ski wear that is waterproof, quick-drying, and functional.
The important points are [waterproofness], [moisture permeability], and [heat retention].
Understand each of them well and choose the right ski wear for you.


How to choose ski wear

About waterproof function

Water resistance / Water pressure

This is a function that prevents water and snow from penetrating into the garment, and is expressed in [water pressure resistance].
Water pressure resistance is measured by stretching the fabric at the bottom of a tube, filling it with water, and measuring the height of the water surface when water droplets ooze out.
The unit is expressed in "mm".
The higher this number is, the more waterproof it is.
For men's ski wear, it can be said to be comfortable and safe to wear if it is more than 10.000mm.
In fact, there are some high performance products available from various manufacturers that are 10,000-20,000mm, but you should consider that the number is proportional to the price.
The higher the price, the better the functionality.
It is very simple.



Importance of moisture permeability & heat retention

Moisture permeability

Moisture permeability is the ability to expel moisture such as sweat and water vapor to the outside.
Moisture permeability is a numerical value that measures how many grams of water can be let out per square meter of fabric in 24 hours.
Sweat and steam are very hard on the body.
Removing this burden and discomfort is a very important point.
It is said that if there is at least 5,000 to 8,000 g/square meter for 24 hours, it is difficult to get steamed.
If it is not sticky and it aims at the level of further comfort, 10,000g or more is wanted.

Heat retention

Heat retention is the property of retaining temperature, which prevents the body heat from escaping.
There are two ways to retain heat in ski wear.
There are two ways to retain heat in ski wear: one using a material that generates heat in response to sweat or body heat, and the other using a heat retention effect that traps body heat inside the wear.
There is a slight difference in heat retention, so if you check carefully before purchasing, you will be able to stay warm longer.



How to choose the right size (the size that fits your body)

Always try on ski wear before you buy it.
This is the key to choosing the right size.
Please refer to the following for a brief summary.

How to choose Ski jackets

When choosing ski wear, you can use the same size as your regular wear.
The sportswear standard JASPO, which was revised in 1996, stipulates that men's and unisex sizes M should be 167-173cm[65-68inch].
The recommended length is such that the wrists do not stick out when the hands are stretched out, and the back side does not get pinched when the hands are crossed in front.
For men, make sure the chest area is not too tight.
The coldness varies depending on the weather and the location of the slope, so be sure to choose a size that is easy to layer and that allows you to wear one extra layer!

How to choose Ski pants

Choosing a pant size requires a bit of fine-tuning.
The hem should be long enough to cover your ankles and just above your heels, but not so long that it catches on your bindings.
If you have boots to try on, please use them.
If you have boots to try on, use them.




[Men's Ski wear] Recommended brand feature


Phenix is a genuine Japanese brand that was born in Japan in 1952.
It is a reassuring brand for skiers that continues to work on developing reliable products that can be enjoyed comfortably and safely in various fields, especially in snow scenes related to skiing.
The ORCA MOTION FIT, which has evolved further this year, is used for its excellent stretch and mobility, as well as a feeling of wearing so little that you forget you're wearing it.
In addition, it is also popular for its heat retention and water resistance, and there are many products that bring together high technology, such as DIGENITE THERMO【DIGENITE THERMO】that quickly retains body heat, and DRY BARRIER 20000【DRY BARRIER】that boasts water resistance of 20,000mm.






DESCENTE first began full-scale development of ski wear in 1954.
At that time, Kazuyoshi Nishimura, the first Japanese professional skier and a man of many ideas, was invited to advise the company and the development of full-scale ski wear began.
Based on the joint development with top athletes, [Ultimate Monozukuri] was born through the development that does not allow any compromise.
It is a brand that has spared no effort in the development and release of ski wear for many years.
The brand uses the "S.I.O." paper pattern technology to maximize the performance of its products, which are light and easy to move.
While normal design and cutting is done on a flat surface, [S.I.O] is done by applying a single piece of fabric to the body, and the body and sleeves become one piece, realizing weight reduction with minimal parts.
HEAT NAVI【Heat Navi】is used in all products, which is so warm that you will forget how cold it is.
The functional aspect is not to be outdone, but the design that makes slipping beautiful is worth trying on once, which no other brand can imitate.






MIZUNO, founded in 1906 and headquartered in Osaka, Japan, is one of the world's leading general sporting goods manufacturers and is highly regarded both at home and abroad.
The company produces a wide range of sports equipment and clothing, and its sportswear and goods are so famous that they are sold everywhere in Japan.
Mizuno started its skiing division a long time ago, in 1923, when it started developing domestic skis.
In other words, you will be surprised to know that it has a history of 96 years.
Since the joint development of the groundbreaking new heat-retaining material BREATH THERMO (Breath Thermo) with TOYOBO, recognition has increased among the sports people involved in snow and mountains, and many people say that the ski wear produced by Mizuno is "warm and has high water pressure resistance.
The product development of the quality with a sense of stability is evaluated, and it is a brand that is widely popular from young people to the elderly in Japan.





The 1960s was a period of growth in the development of ski wear in Japan.
With knit technology, which was GOLDWIN's forte, the production of ski sweaters that pursued functionality and design led to a technology that still produces functional beauty that creates sophisticated designs and elegant ski wear.
There are many models that can be worn by a wide range of skiers, from beginners to advanced, and the brand can meet the demands of all skiers.
The high technology of the brand is often directed by athletes, and is often worn in ski competitions.
Many of the designs are simple without being boring, and they use high quality materials without compromise.
The new GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ [GORE-TEX INFINIUM] provides performance in a dry environment from GORE-TEX [GORE-TEX], which is known for its top class waterproofing.
The new GORE-TEX INFINIUM™ (GORE-TEX INFINIUM) is a high-performance laminated material with waterproof, breathable and low condensation properties.








ONYONE is a ski manufacturer based in Niigata, Japan, founded in 1968.
ONYONE is often written as ONYONE and has an image of being a foreign brand, but the company name at the time of its founding was Onda Yone Shichi Shoten, which is very Japanese.
After the company name was changed to ONYONE, licensing agreements were concluded with Austria, West Germany, the U.S., France, Italy, and other countries, and the company's name recognition increased dramatically.
The company is also an official supplier to the SIA (Japanese Association of Professional Ski Teachers), SAJ (All Japan Ski Federation), SSSA (Swiss Ski School Association), the Finnish National Team, and the Liechtenstein National Team.
It uses Hyglater, which was developed as an air conditioner to be worn, and it always keeps you comfortable.
The designs and colors are original and cannot be imitated by any other brand.
The silhouette is also for skiers, making it a wear for the experts.





SALOMON is a long-established French manufacturer that is one of the top manufacturers in the world.
It is a brand whose name recognition is increasing year by year and is loved by many skiers.
SALOMON's products are highly popular and are made with attention to detail in all aspects of safety, functionality, and design.
On top of that, their high waterproofing and breathability, which allows moisture to escape without letting in wind, are also highly regarded, so if you are very particular about your ski wear, SALOMON's ski wear may be for you.
The functionality is unquestionable, with water pressure resistance: 10000mm, moisture permeability: 10000g, and the strength to beat the harsh snow.
The design is also simple, and the clothes fit the body and show beautiful form for skiers.




Conclusion: How to choose ski wear.

In this time, introduced popular brands such as Phenix, DESCENTE, MIZUNO, GOLDWIN, ONYONE, and SALOMON, from how to choose ski wear.
In order to enjoy skiing comfortably and safely, please choose waterproofness, breathability, and heat retention as the basic functions of ski wear.
The old model is also perfect, so beginners are recommended to start with the old model or a top and bottom set.
It is also fun to wear models that are used by professionals as your skills improve.
You don't have to buy new ski clothes every season, but just changing your clothes for a fresh start can be exciting.
This season, why don't you put on your brand new ski wear and go skiing on the slopes with a good feeling?