A style that captivates the audience



Wear that makes skiing on snow dynamically attractive.

The main jacket part number in the demo category! A new smoky color has been developed to create a new image color for ONYONE.
A new smoky color has been introduced to create a new image for ONYONE.
The functional design such as "large and attractive" is continued, and new expressions such as tonal gradation print are proposed.



"Hyglater" controls temperature by heating and cooling

Hygrator's goal was to control the changing temperature inside your clothing.
This technology, described as a "wearable air conditioner, " is excellent for keeping your body in a constant state of comfort while skiing by repeatedly heating and cooling according to the amount of sweat you produce.
By releasing heat well during exercise and retaining heat before and after exercise, you can immerse yourself in skiing without worrying about the environment.



Available in six colors.

ONYONE pursues the look and feel that users are looking for in their skis under the company theme of "Chosen to Win.
Design switching and color schemes were incorporated as part of the functions.



List of Jacket Functions


List of Pants Functions



4way stretch material
Water pressure resistance 196kpa (20,000mm)
Moisture permeability 8,000g/m2/24hr
Water repellent finish
Full seam sealing
High arm cut
Helmet compatible hood

Please show us how you ski with pride in these clothes!





Under the company theme of "Chosen to Win," ONYONE has studied the appearance that users seek in a slip, and developed functional and beautiful clothing that incorporates design switching and color schemes as part of its function.
The silhouette has also been drastically improved and redesigned since last year.
Mobility has been dramatically improved.
The theme of "Layering Style" is "skiing season all year round", and we propose a style of clothing that allows you to enjoy skiing more easily and comfortably all year round.