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【SET】GALLIUM Rust Protect 3G + AlumiSet / RP0004

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Rust Protect 3G + aluminum cans set / RP0004 small gap

not wet, anticorrosive oil, mouth and rust stop that can also be used for things such as touching the hand.
and case, by sealing the anti-corrosive gas put together with this product in the bag, the effect will Ikitodoki to every corner of the internal precise mechanism. Iron products after removal, you can use without cleaning.

■ How to use
· non-woven fabric (pouch) without breaking is all you need and store sealed put and this product things you do not want to let rust in the same container.
· standard usage, this product 1 pack, corresponds to approximately 80? Up to the volume.
difference of 3G (3g) and 5G (5g) will be the difference in the duration. When used in such
· skiing and large drawers, as the center of this product, radius 30cm will be valid range.
ski cases and large containers, when used in such as a large drawer, the left, the middle portion, anti-corrosive gas vaporized from the product, such as the right end, sealed so spread over the whole of do not want to let rust contained object please.

■ Product Specifications
Contents: 3g × 5 capsule

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