Kyoto Yanoen Uji Matcha Powder | Ceremonial Grade Specialty Matcha 3.5oz (100g) | Japanese Green Tea | Made in Kyoto, Japan

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It is the highest grade special rank matcha. You can enjoy the finest taste and aroma. Matcha powder is popular for events and celebrations.

Kyoto Uji Matcha is a well-balanced blend of traditional Japanese flavors and aromas.
Yanoen's matcha is the highest quality matcha carefully selected by experienced tea masters. We bring the highest quality matcha and traditions to tea lovers around the world.
Using traditional Japanese techniques handed down since 1836, we deliver high-quality tea with a focus on shape, aroma, color, and taste.

Not only can you brew and drink tea, but you can also enjoy iced matcha, matcha latte, making sweets, desserts and cooking.

Kyoto Uji matcha powder

Ceremonial Grade
Specialty Matcha

How to Brew Tea
1)Put an appropriate amount(0.05oz(1.5g) ~ .07oz(2.0g)) of matcha into a bowl.
2)Add about 5.0 fl oz(150cc) of hot water(176°F(80°C)).
3)First,slowly shake the tea whisk back and forth so that the matcha and hot water mix,and mix the hot water and matcha. Shake it back and forth slowly and vigorously,and drink it when it foams up.

Net weight

Green tea(produced in Uji,Kyoto,Japan)

Country of Origin
Made in Uji,Kyoto,Japan

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15-20 days after confirmation of payment
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・Be careful not to burn yourself when brewing tea.

Uji Matcha Powder
Uji Matcha Powder
Uji Matcha Powder
Uji Matcha Powder
Uji Matcha Powder
Uji Matcha Powder

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