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SMITH I/O MAG XL【With spare lens】

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Smith Smith Ski Goggles

■ I/O Mag XL
I/O Mug XL

I/O Mag & Trade; I/O MAG & Trade; XL. With this size up, the view of the up, down, left and right is further expanded, and a frame system for glasses, which had many requests, has been adopted. The extra -large -sized spherical lens that covers the large frame is the world's highest chroma pop lens and 5X & Trade; antifoog technology. Even in this size, the integration with the helmet is exquisite, and Smith's unique AIREVAC & Trade; function enables fog -free vision. The lens lock has its own magnet system and lens security system. Cloming pop lenses 2 pieces standard equipment. ODS-3 compatible. A GOGGLESOC lens protector is included because it is updated to an environment -consideration sustainable package.

・ Equipped with a magnet lens replacement system that can be replaced in an instant
・ Compliant with all weather with 2 lenses
・ 5 times more cloudy technology
・ Color
Sun Black Gold Mirror (VLT: 13%)
EXTRA LENS: CP Storm Blue Sensor Mirror (VLT: 55%)

Lens: CP Sun Black Gold Mirror (VLT: 13%)
EXTRA LENS: CP Storm Rose Flash (VLT: 50%)

・ Frame: Trilogy
Lens: CP Sun Black (VLT: 12%)
EXTRA LENS: CP Storm Yellow Flash (VLT: 65%)

m ]
■ GOGGLE SOC attached

The specifications may be changed without notice.

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