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SMITH Squad XL【With spare lens】【ASIAN FIT】

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Smith Smith Ski Goggles

Scud XL

Large -sized flat lens model SQUAD XL. Especially the upper and lower view is wide. Equipped with a thick strap that matches the oversized semi -rimless frame. Kuu Le is a unique design rather than a SQUAD size up model. The lens uses a chroma pop lens made of mold molded polycarbone, which has collected SMITH's highest technology without allowed any compromise. Surprising cost performance that can respond to any weather. Cloming pop lenses 2 pieces standard equipment.

+ molded molded polycarbonate flat carbonic X lens
+ chroma pop lens standard
+ Correct the distortion of the visibility of the lens, adopt eccentric processing in outer lenses
+ Cause of cloudiness. Fog-X treatment processing to confine the water inside the inner lens
+ 3 layers of drywick face forms (Squad, Squad S are 2 layers)
+ Low Bridge Fit (ASIA FIT)

TNF bag attached

■ Color
Frame: Smith X TNF -Jess Kimura
Lens: CP Sun Black Gold Mirror (VLT: 13%)
EXTRA LENS: CP Storm Blue Sensor Mirror (VLT: 55 %)

■ Belt Width [51mm]

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