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Sweet Protection 852033 / Interstellar - 2022

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Sweet Protection Sweet Protection ski goggles

■ Interstellar (Interstella

E goggles

Sweet Protection's proprietary lens technology A revolutionary highest free ride goggle equipped with Rig & Trade;. An overwhelmingly impact resistance 2.8 mm premium Torix Culture Plains, and a compromised top model equipped with a patented X Center lock lens replacement system that allows you to exchange the lens surface without touching it.

All goggles have an innovative Rig & REG; lens that minimize color distortions with excellent contrast and reduce eye fatigue. The double lens is equipped with Gore & REG; protective vent, preventing inner lenses deformation due to changes in barometric pressure and providing the optimal environment for the eyes. In addition, the integrated frame reinforced with carbon fiber supports the lens firmly and ensures the optimal view without distortion. Fits perfectly with all Sweet Protection / Free Ride Helmet.

The Japanese sales model is a low bridge Asian fit with additional form pads on the nose bridge. Even those with low nose bridges can minimize the air gaps and get a better fit. Nippon Dealing Agency Official Store Limited Product Guarantee Service, "Crash Right Production", which allows you to buy new following products at 40% OFF even if there is damage to use, a product initial warranty for one year. "Proteger extension warranty" that can be extended for up to three years, and are eligible for each service.

Sweet Protection is the world's highest protection gear BULA, founded in 2000 in a small village Turicil in eastern Norwegian. We have announced the TECNICA Rewear, a helmet, eyewear protection, etc. of action sports such as skiing, snowboard, kayak, and motorcycles, and has been completely pursued in detail with the cooperation of top athletes I am leading.

* We are registering the product using the information on the manufacturer's planning book. The specifications may be changed without notice.

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