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MINOYAKI Matcha Tea Bowl | Made in Japan | Japanese Traditional Crafts | Ochawan | Hand-Crafted

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This matcha bowl is perfect for those who want to casually enjoy a full-fledged tea ceremony. Matcha bowls carefully finished one by one by craftsmen have a good texture and make the tea more delicious and flavorful.
Not only matcha, but also coffee, tea, milk, etc. can be added. It is a fashionable and recommended tea cup because you can arrange how to use it.

Mino ware is one of the representative ceramics of Japan. Mino ware is exported overseas and is highly regarded worldwide as a craft of earth and fire that Gifu Prefecture is proud of.

MINOYAKI Matcha Tea Bowl

4.72in(12cm) × 3.14in(8cm)

China Clay

Country of Origin
Made in Gifu,Japan

Estimated Delivery Time
7-10 days after confirmation of payment

・Because each item is handmade, there may be individual differences in color.
・When firing pottery in a kiln, the iron contained in the clay may oxidize and black spots may occur.

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